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15 Nov

Vibrant Kitchen


We’ve always been known for our old world colonial elegance and innovative kitchen with classic foundations. 2012 season enter Vincent Vitlock, stage right, man of many colours to helm up the kitchen. We are thrilled that he is back with us for another season. Vincent brings youthful exuberance, jois de vivre and a style all his own to The Landing. Born and raised in Sweden by a florist mother and fisherman father, Vincent knew that the conformity of Sweden was not for him and he found himself traveling and working early and soaking up the culture and food in such places as Thailand, Laos, Russia and The Azores. You will not find him in traditional kitchen whites – he opts more for the orange and lime green or lavender and red. His Spicy coconut and lime chicken curry as well as his ginger lobster with risotto cakes have fast become Landing favourites. He harkened back to his Swedish origins to give us a fabulous gluten free breakfast bread with apricots and Macadamia nuts as well as a wonderful variety of lightly smoked and cured fish. Avocado and coconut ice-cream ???? Yep, it works. We are excited about what this new season will bring!

photo credit: Cookie Kinkead

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