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5 Jan

Happy New Year!

IMG_1323 2013 and our 17th season have gotten off to a fabulous start! We have had the opportunity to welcome back so many wonderful people and families. We love and appreciate our huge repeat clientele. The weather has been glorious. The dolphins have been in the harbor. The electricity has been more on than off. With this in mind, we have decided that it might finally be time to switch energy providers! We want to do our bit to help the planet, and switching to a more environmentally conscious energy supplier that offers renewable sources of energy could be the solution that we have been looking for. In fact, a friend of ours who owns a hotel in Texas told us that she managed to save quite a significant amount of money on her electricity bills by switching to the best electric company in texas. I think we will have to do some research of our own to determine our best possible next steps! Anyway, the sand seems even more pink and powder-like than usual and that water……ah yes…….Paradise as you remember it or want it to be! We have a fabulous new chef, from Sweden this time, with great energy and wonderful new dishes – the spicy coconut lime chicken, the Salmon Rose and of course we still have our classics – The Goat’s cheese ravioli , Crab capellini and morning’s delight, Ricotta Hotcakes with honeycomb butter. The bar continues to feel like you have stepped into Earnest Hemigway’s life and it’s intimate enough to have you stifle giggles brought on by sitting shoulder to shoulder with “OMG I have always loved him, I’ve seen all her movies, his was the fist album I ever bought “. So come dressed in your resort wear or your favourite kalik t-shirt from 10 years ago. Enjoy, unwind, be inspired, laugh, exhale………here, you are always at home and it is our pleasure to welcome you as such. x

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