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27 Jul

Island Life

Breaking News! A Library of Design’s Janelle McCulloch, blog writer, design writer, former magazine editor, photographer and author of 18 books is putting a special something together just for us! She has written books about architecture, interior design, travel, gardening, and a bestselling memoir and now she is working on something even more brilliant. Stories, flavors, and family, yep, that’s our Island Life coming to a bookshelf near you…soon!

This book has been in the works for some time now and it makes us so happy that we can finally share this exciting news with you! The book will feature lighthearted anecdotes from The Landing, and a few tips and tricks to help you to embrace island life no matter where you might be reading from. For as long as we can remember, publishing a book of our own has always been our dream, and so when Janelle McCulloch reached out to us we jumped at the chance!

In reference to the book, Janelle said: “Harbour Island is one of the most idyllic destinations you can imagine. Think of the charm and clapboard prettiness of New England’s architecture crossed with the pastel colours of the Caribbean, then throw in an extraordinarily beautiful pink beach, a charming bustling harbour, a lot of eccentric but marvellous (and astonishingly good-looking) locals, and a culture that’s part colonial British and part Bahamian, and then wrap it up in an island that’s only a few miles long. The place is enchanting. No wonder so many fabulous people live there.”

Stay tuned to our website for an update on when you can order a copy of this brilliant book!

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