29 Aug

In the Wake of Irene

Hurricane Irene

Hard to believe that this was taken just 2 days after Hurricane Irene made a direct hit on our tiny 3-mile x 1/2 island! The beach was the perfect place to find solace after a couple of long, hot cleanup days! We could not be more delighted to report only minor structural damage to buildings islandwide. There was damage reported on the American east coast but we were comparatively lucky; in Florida, for example, there were incidents of roof and guttering damage which led to many in the area seeking services like those from Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Fort Lauderdale to help with debris clogging the gutters. Back here there were lots of fences and gates down and Irene definitely went wild with the pruning!! Its easy to imagine that homes were damaged too, it might be a good idea to talk to a roofing austin specialist to get some perspective on how to repair broken roofs in the area. So on the plus side, the grounds are looking very open at the moment – the sun is shining in places that it hasn’t done so for years…………it’s nice to let the light shine in! Lots of windburned plants that give us an autumnal feel but they’ll all be green comes to the start of the season in November. We are counting our blessings and enjoying the sunshine. So many thoughts go through your head when faced with a disaster like this, I hope that the people whose homes were damaged had insurance to cover them, going through something like that can’t bring their personal belongings back but it can help ease the financial struggle of getting everything back together. After this I hope people who didn’t have insurance before do have it now, you can find the best companies by researching insurance companies in your area and how they can help you so you aren’t faced with paying for the damages all yourself if it happens again.

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