16 Jun

Eating Inside

The Dining Room

I confess to secretly enjoying it when the season changes, it gets very warm and muggy and a little buggy outside in the evenings, making inside seating preferable. Our dining room is so wonderful but gets overlooked most of the year when everyone wants to sit outside on the porch overlooking the harbor or in the garden under the stars.

With original floorboards dating back to the 1800s, 16″ thick limestone walls painted in a fabulous raspberry red, framed 1930s hand-colored copies of maps that date back to the 1400s – 1600s, our fabulous new chandelier, stunning sash windows, and a gorgeous pair of french doors, our dining room really is the place to be!

That being said, recently, we have been thinking about getting our french doors replaced. You see, they are starting to look a little tired and could do with updating. The french doors in our dining room really are so fantastic. They allow for maximum natural light, creating a sense of spaciousness and they also offer a great way of connecting the indoor space with the outdoor space.

French doors are also available in a wide selection of styles to suit any style including Tudor, colonial, prairies, Victorian, craftsman, and contemporary among others. You can learn more about some of the different styles of french doors by taking a look at this guide to the history of french doors.

Honestly, just thinking about getting our french doors replaced makes me so excited. Watch this space! Oh yes, and did I mention that our dining room is air-conditioned? So, come on down to see this gorgeous room for yourself.

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