16 Apr

Need Coffee?

Well Roasted

Looking for that perfect latte, espresso, cappuccino or macchiato? Who better to turn to than coffee aficionado Toby Tyler at The Landing! He takes his coffee seriously.

We roast our own beans in fact – yep, Afro Head Coffee. A mad Calabrian does it for us in that old world Italian style where it’s roasted to within an inch of its life! Open the bag and people from across the street are following their noses, intoxicated by the heady, full-bodied aroma from those glistening beans. It would be fantastic for us to be able to supply them with their daily dose of coffee, not only from the shop but in their homes as well. We’ve had customers who are avid coffee lovers, wanting us to supply their new drip coffee maker from somewhere like Great Coffee Brewers (https://greatcoffeebrewers.com/best-drip-coffee-maker-for-your-money/) with fresh intoxicating coffee.

Are you a self-declared coffee aficionado? Why not try roasting your coffee beans from the comfort of your own home? There are some fantastic home coffee roasters out there nowadays. To find the home coffee roaster of your dreams, head to thefullmooncafe.com.

Back to us now though. We pride ourselves on using only the best ingredients and our coffee is no exception to this rule. The fun does not end there though! We can even make you the perfect piping hot cup of coffee using the best grind and brew coffee maker, just the way you like it.

Whether you like a coffee in the morning, or as a late afternoon pick me up, we have got you covered. Delicious.

What will you choose? We can even offer you a wide variety of milk and dairy-free alternatives, as well as sugar and sweeteners to ensure your cup is correct every single time. If you are interested in learning more about coffee, you can check out this great food blog.

So, go on, take a bag home with you and savor your vacation moments for a while longer.

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