19 Jun

The Sugarloaf

It’s pineapple season! – and trust us, they don’t come any sweeter or more juicy that Eleuthera pineapples. The variety grown here is aptly known as “sugarloaf” ……….get the picture?! We have been growing pineapple since the early 1700s. A lot of the harbor front homes on Harbor Island were built by wealthy land owners who made their living farming pineapples on Eleuthera ( that’s were the soil is rich) and exporting them in the 1800s.There has been no commercial exporting of pineapples since the early 1900s – we could not compete with the market that it is said was started from our pineapples in Hawaii. So if you are fortunate enough to be here in June, make sure that you get to enjoy a local sugarloaf!

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